HR 'shunning technology for manual processes'


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More than half (54%) of firms rely on manual processes for recruitment, and 43% for appraisals

More than half (54%) of firms are shunning technology and instead using manual processes when it comes to recruitment, according to a survey commissioned by software consultancy and developer Access Group.

Additionally, more than two-fifths (43%) of respondents said they rely on manual processes for appraisals. This is despite 63% of those polled agreeing that using technology on a daily basis to recognise and evaluate employees would be a valuable business tool.

The research also highlighted the recent trend in moving away from annual performance reviews. Seven out of 10 (70%) HR professionals said their organisation is likely to use continuous evaluation of staff as a substitute to yearly performance reviews, and 80% agreed it has the potential to be more valuable than traditional annual appraisals. More than half (58%) of workers stated they would prefer to have continuous evaluation than an annual performance review.

The research coincides with a report from custom IT company Sungard Availability Services, which found that 83% of UK organisations feel they lack the skills to manage complex IT systems.

Around one in five (22%) also admitted to difficulties in managing different IT systems across separate business departments. This report found matters of IT security were the biggest concern, with 38% of organisations reporting they lack the necessary skills to deal with security issues.

Rob Gimes, HCM product manager at Access Group, said firms need to put technology “at the heart of their HR".

“As more organisations strive to excel in their ability to recruit and retain the right people for the right job roles they are under increasing pressure to ensure their HR processes are effective, so that employees feel informed, motivated and valued,” he said. “In order to inspire the leaders of tomorrow, who embrace technology in every aspect of their lives, there is a clear need for companies to put technology at the heart of their HR and adopt a more scientific approach."

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