Talent war boosts maternity and parental leave packages

A majority (79%) of employers now offer enhanced maternity pay, compared with 57% in 2017, according to a new poll.

Employee retention: How to earn employee trust and retain top talent

The pandemic has thrown the global talent market into crisis and many people are now considering their options when it comes to a new career path and what they want from their job.


UK employees feel silenced and ignored by employers

One in three employees in the UK would rather quit their jobs than voice their concerns at work.

HR profession on the verge of talent exodus

HR directors and chief people officers from around the UK say the stress of the pandemic has made them want to work in much smaller businesses.

Employees quitting jobs in record numbers due to toxic workplaces

Almost a third (27%) of UK employees quit their job in the past year due to toxic workplace culture, according to HR software provider Breathe‚Äôs Culture Economy 2021 report.

Employers and policymakers must tackle care sector crisis

Everyone has a responsibility to tackle staffing issues in the care sector, said Stephen Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Novacare

Retaining talent with leadership that cares

Retention relies on creating a culture of support through caring leadership

New year spurs workers to leave

A third (34%) of workers are likely to change job this year, citing poor relationships with managers and lack of progression

HR overestimates benefits satisfaction

?HR professionals in large UK enterprises tend to overestimate employee satisfaction when it comes to rewards and benefits programmes, research by Hawk Incentives has found

NHS needs to better engage employees

Performance at individual NHS Trusts should be measured by the issues that matter most to employees, according to a report from the Work Foundation

UK employers pay more for skilled workers

Companies are having to pay more for staff as they struggle to find skilled workers, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)

The tax on share options is unfair

More needs to be done to tackle two fundamental issues that overshadow share options' advantages