Find your fire

​Let’s not kid ourselves, working in HR can be absolutely exhausting. You can get burned out all too quickly if you’re not careful due to the unique challenges and demands of the profession.

The importance of daily rituals when working from home

Rolling lockdowns and the ongoing pandemic fill many of us with dread, anxiety, fear, worry and beyond. I am often asked by clients for advice on how best to prepare and manage this at an organisational level, however, I think it is vital that employees are given practical advice too especially with so many working from home.

Take the time to recharge

With web searches for ‘occupational burnout’ surging more than 2,500% since 2015, could HR teams hold the key to combatting busy culture? Or is being ‘totally slammed’ and ‘completely maxed out’ so tightly woven into workplaces that we have no hope of changing the narrative?

Technology offers an answer to solving the mental health pandemic

Too often during the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen inadequate, reactive approaches to increasingly prevalent mental health issues, particularly from businesses that in times of uncertainty perhaps have been focused more on the bottom line than the wellbeing of their employees.