Organisations won't recover from impact of coronavirus until July 2021, HR managers say

Boardroom Talent  by Beau Jackson

Protecting the financial wellbeing of the next generation

​Many have welcomed last week’s proposal from Chancellor Rishi Sunak, outlining how the UK will approach rising unemployment levels, and encouraging businesses to provide additional traineeships, apprenticeships and work placements for younger generations. However, with many young adults attempting to kickstart their careers during the most turbulent economic period in living memory, the government’s Kickstart Scheme – although a great starting position – requires support from businesses if it is to be successful

A vision of work in a post-COVID-19

Executive teams across the world are looking to the future after COVID-19 passes and how they can get to the other side while ensuring not only business continuity but also future prosperity. How businesses respond to this crisis will shape their success for years to come.