Diversity & inclusion

BAME workers have been under-protected during the pandemic

Diversity & inclusion Employment law  by Emma Greedy

The nine 'levers' you need to pull if you're serious about inclusion

At the current rate of progress with inclusion, it won't be our daughters who stand the same chance as our sons of being the next CEOs. It won't even be our granddaughters. It will be our great-granddaughters who finally stand the same chance as our great-grandsons – but, even then, only if they are caucasian and heterosexual, otherwise it'll knock it back another generation

Why white male managers need to talk about diversity

If improving workplace diversity and inclusion isn’t on your agenda, then you need to take a different view. Many businesses are now taking a positive step in the right direction, incorporating new habits and training into office life as part of a wider effort to weave Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategies into company policy.