Wendy Hirsh, independent researcher and principal associate, Institute for Employment Studies


Wendy Hirsh
Wendy Hirsh, Independent researcher and principal associate, Institute for Employment Studies
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Wendy Hirsh is an independent researcher and consultant on a range of people management issues

Her particular interests are in considering both organisational and individual perspectives; linking talent management and employee development more strongly with changing business needs, and helping managers and employees to tackle these career- and future-related aspects of employment more clearly and more confidently. She finds involving both managers and employees in shaping context-sensitive approaches to people management makes for better solutions and avoids the agony of trying to ‘sell’ ideas generated by HR working in isolation.

Hirsh finds the mix of applied research and consulting gives her access to a wide range of ideas and practices, while also keeping her feet on the ground and making sure new approaches are doable. She migrated to HR from maths via operational research and workforce planning so reaching for data and evidence – qualitative as well as quantitative – is second nature.

Hirsh is principal associate and honorary fellow of the Institute for Employment Studies, an associate of the Roffey Park Institute, fellow of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, visiting professor at Kingston University, and visiting professor of career development at the University of Derby. She has been a regular research contributor for the Corporate Research Forum, recently on how more effective performance discussions with individuals could improve organisational performance.

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Social media handle: @wendyhirsh

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