Jon Ingham, HR and OD consultant, Strategic Dynamics Consultancy Services


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Working as head of HR and then HR director at EY between 1997 and 2001, Jon Ingham is today a consultant and trainer working both in the UK and abroad

In the UK Ingham has delivered over 180 training courses related to strategic HR to around 2,000 HR practitioners over the last six or seven years. Training sessions run over the last year include HR and digital transformation, innovation in performance management, employee experience, organisation design, job design and strategic HR business partnering.

He is an active conference speaker including at non-HR conferences and outside of the UK. This includes at IT and property/ facilities management conferences. For example he spoke at Digital Workplace Experience in Chicago last year and also delivered a keynote at Workplace Futures in London.

Over the last year he has written a review of a newly emerging HR model, one which is substantially different to the Ulrich model. This piece builds on Ingham’s 2017 book The Social Organization which explains that organisations need to incorporate horizontal teams, communities and networks into their structures. It also builds on the article he co-authored with Dave Ulrich in 2016 on ‘Building Better HR Departments’.

Ingham is highly active on social media. He set up his main blog, Strategic-HCM (, back in 2007 when it was only the third UK HR blog to be established. He regularly comments on other people’s and magazines’ articles on strategic HR - including on HR magazine’s website.

Ingham’s work focuses on strategic and innovative HR designed to impact the business. He encourages HR teams to think about creating not just adding value.

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