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What will his presidency mean for business? We ask how Trump could affect organisations around the world

Renee La Londe, CEO at iTalent Corporation, says:

"While the president-elect has a chequered record on the subjects of diversity and gender equality, it is worth noting that diversity and gender are issues that have been at the forefront of society and the workplace for a long time now, and will continue to be.

"Following the result many of Silicon Valley’s leaders came out with positive ‘all inclusive’ messages. Apple’s Tim Cook published an internal memo to all staff immediately after the result, assuring them that Apple “celebrates the diversity of its team”, and encouraging employees to unite and move forward together.

"While governmental leadership will change on 20 January, the recent show of solidarity from Silicon Valley’s leadership is a positive and reassuring affirmation that regardless of who occupies the Oval office, the tech space in the US will continue to openly welcome individuals, regardless of gender, colour, religion or sexual orientation."

Terry Scuoler, chief executive of EEF, says:

"Given the importance of the United States as a market, taking around 12% of UK goods exports, British manufacturers have a keen interest in the health of the US economy.

"In light of the uncertainty around Brexit it is important that we avoid further economic fallout, and I hope the new administration will move quickly to reassure and work with its traditional allies to re-affirm long-standing positive relationships.

"The US is an important export market for many UK manufacturers, and Britain has always enjoyed a close political, economic and military relationship with the US and it is vital that this continues.

"Given the US’ traditional role as a pioneer of free and fair trade, I hope the new president will ensure that he continues to champion this ethos."

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