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Chris Roebuck, visiting professor of transformational leadership, Cass Business School

?Chris Roebuck helps organisations improve performance through their people, by working with HR, senior line mangers, CEOs, FDs, chief risk officers and NED to help them understand how they can contribute to organisational success via developing leadership, engagement, high performance and alignment on to key deliverables

He was previously an HR practitioner so unusually combines real HR experience with up-to-date research. Roebuck was previously global head of leadership at UBS, where leading edge projects won awards and are now part of a Harvard Case study.

Together with time in London Underground, HSBC, working with SMEs, the NHS and local government and serving as an army officer, Roebuck has seen the best and the worst that the profession delivers.

His approach blends the use of research data with simple day to day practicality that works in the real world to deliver results. He is invited to speak to audiences globally where 70% of them are not HR but CEOs and other leaders, where he sets out a compelling business case for partnering with HR for success – thus getting business leaders to want to actively work with HR.

His other work helps HR audiences understand how best to “sell” what they do by around maximising the performance of everyone via I CARE Leadership.

From law firms in London to construction companies in Scotland, from the Red Cross in Myanmar to the Chinese Space programme in Beijing, from Omantelecom leaders in Muscat and CEOs in Tehran to Chartered Investment & Securities Institute in London and HRDs in Chennai and Dubai, Roebuck bridges the gap between HR and the rest of the organisation to help both want to work together to deliver success.

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