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Women desperately needed for science, engineering and technology sectors


Britain's science, engineering and technology industries are in desperate need of female staff despite a 1000% rise in their numbers over the past five years, according to the New Engineering Foundation (NEF).

The vocational education think-tank claims this change is not fast enough and women need to raise their game in the sector although this year 22% of applications for positions in these fields came from women compared to 2% in 2005.

Speaking this morning, Michelle Medhat, director of strategic development at the NEF, said: "Women still make up too small a proportion of those working in the science, engineering and technology industries. This means the whole sector is deprived of vast swathes of talent, creativity and innovation.

"The debate about whether men of women are predisposed to particular skills rumbles on, but in the meantime what is undeniably true is that a sector where women are unrepresented simply because they are women is a sector that is missing out on a great deal of potential excellence. In today's competitive marketplace that just isn't good enough."