Senior managers get better benefits than their superiors


Senior managers get more perks than their higher-ranking colleagues, according to a new Croner report.

It finds that, while employees at senior-manager level work up to 12.6 hours fewer than directors or operational staff within the same organisation, they gain more benefits.

For example, 72% are in a final-salary pension scheme, compared with 49% of directors and 39% of operatives. Also, senior managers in larger companies, on average, get a company car worth £25,525. They also get longer holiday entitlement and a daily business trip allowance worth £24 more than operative staff.

“These latest results are very much in line with the patterns that we are seeing across terms and conditions generally,” says Andrew Walker, business director, Croner Reward. “Directors are working longer hours than their colleagues at manager level, yet they are in turn receiving less in benefits. But we need to look at the results over the next few years to see whether this is a long-term trend, or just part of the changing dynamics in the workplace.”