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Fancy a cuppa? HR the biggest tea drinkers in the company


The HR department downs more cups of tea a day than any other department in a typical British SME, according to research by energy company E.ON.

The research, which asked a sample of 997 UK employees about their office tea drinking habits, also found that joining in the office tea round could save £31.8m by using electricity more efficiently.

Over a third (35%) of respondents don’t join in with communal tea rounds, and with employees typically making three hot drinks a day, 22% of employees are wasting energy by filling the kettle to full – even when making just one drink.

Those working in the hospitality industry, education or professional services are least likely to get involved in the tea round at work.

Anthony Ainsworth, sales and marketing director at E.ON, said: “Putting the kettle on for a round of drinks is more efficient than making a single cup of tea from a full kettle.

“With over 40 million hot drinks made every day in offices, shops, restaurants and factories across the UK, tea-lovers could be enjoying a more efficient brew just by getting involved in the tea round – and they may get to know their colleagues a bit better too.”

HR magazine can confirm that it’s not just HR departments that love a cuppa; HR journalists are also doing their bit to keep the UK tea industry afloat.