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Employers fail to provide training or tips for drivers who want to cut their fuel consumption


Almost two thirds of drivers would like advice from their employer on how to lower their fuel consumption.

According to research from Lex Autolease, 95% of company car drivers want to reduce their fuel bill and 68% are aware it has an impact on their company's profits but 61% state their employers have not given them any driver training or tips on fuel efficiency.

More than 30% of those drivers who responded said that they have not considered how their fuel bill impacted their company's profits.
While two thirds (66%) of the 3,000 respondents consider themselves ‘green' drivers, more than 40% don't drive in a style to maximise their fuel economy.

More than half (51%) never shop, or only occasionally, shop around for the cheapest fuel and 10% of drivers surveyed fill up with more expensive types of fuel.

As part of its fleet management service offering, Lex Autolease proactively works with UK businesses to advise them on how best to reduce their company's fuel bill. Driver training or changes in a company's fuel policy are among the options Lex Autolease recommends that can have a significant impact on a company's fuel bill.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Marcus Puddy, head of consultancy services at Lex Autolease, said: "Maximising a vehicle's fuel consumption is dictated by the behaviour of the driver, with the resulting fuel economy having a significant impact on the employer's bottom line.
"The demand is there among company drivers who want to reduce their fuel bill. It's up to them and their employers to take the necessary steps."