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Employees care passionately about business success but lack the support to achieve it, Mindjet survey reveals


Half of British workers care passionately about helping their employer to be successful and they take their role in their employer's success seriously but a lack of resources, senior direction and inefficient communication is holding them back, according to a survey published today by software provider Mindjet.

The survey of more than 2,000 British employees found that workers recognise they need to change their everyday practices to drive success, but 19% are happy to admit that they lack the motivation to do their job to the highest possible standard.

The survey found employers set themselves tough goals at the start of this financial year and many companies are striving to achieve operational efficiency, consolidation and growth in emerging markets. But while individuals recognise a need for change, a quarter of those asked said this hadn't happened because they 'haven't got around to it'.

This attitude isn't going unnoticed – almost a third of managers said they know they need to improve the way their team works but struggle to motivate them to do so.

The survey shows efficient working practices and communication are clearly key to achieving those all-important business goals and making 2013 a more positive year.

Aside from the issue of motivation, the survey also showed that 24% of workers feel that a lack of resources, senior direction and inefficient communication is still holding them back from fulfilling their potential, which in turn means they are enjoying their job less (27%) and feel stressed (27%).

Professor Nelson Phillips, chair in strategy and organisational behaviour, Imperial College London, said: "Motivated and engaged employees are at the heart of business success, and there's no time when this is more true than in tough economic conditions.

"Yet it's just at this moment that employee motivation and engagement drops as their employers lack the resources to support and reward them, while constant cost-cutting and pressure undermines morale and enthusiasm.

"The key to turning things around and getting 2013 off on the right foot is to focus on improving and developing working practices and efficient communication," said Professor Phillips. "Business leaders must not get bogged down in cost-cutting, but should strive to communicate a vision that moves employees beyond the current downturn and excites them about the future.

"This two-pronged approach will help re-engage a workforce badly affected by years of recession."

Chris Norfolk, UK director at Mindjet, said: "The research shows that UK businesses have spent the past year striving for clear goals. With so many employees saying they lack resources, senior direction, efficient working practices and communication, alongside crippling economic issues, it's no wonder many are struggling to achieve these.

"With all signs pointing towards a slow start in 2013, it's essential that businesses and individuals address these problems, and consider how they can inspire employees and work smarter to achieve clear business success."