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Doosan Power Systems to offer low-cost company cars to staff through salary-sacrifice scheme


Doosan Power Systems has launched a salary sacrifice company car scheme for 2,500 employees.

The provider of plant solutions to power utilities launched the scheme with Zenith Provecta this month, offering low-cost car ownership through low CO2 vehicles.

Lower CO2 vehicles provide greater savings to employees through salary sacrifice, and Doosan Power Systems worked with Zenith Provecta to negotiate favourable terms with a restricted number of vehicle manufacturers.

In order to offer the widest range of low CO2 vehicles while generating maximum savings, the scheme includes an exclusive list of models from Audi, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and Volvo. Employees are expected to save over 30% this way compared with sourcing a car themselves.

As part of the management of the scheme, Zenith Provecta will also be providing maintenance, motor insurance, and accident, risk and payroll management services.

Susan McGarrity, head of reward and shared services, said: "Doosan Power Systems is one of the early adopters of this type of employee benefit and joining this scheme further highlights our commitment to our employees."