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British Gas launches campaign to recruit ex-service people


British Gas is calling ex-servicemen and women to join its ranks.

British Gas wants ex-service people to retrain as ‘energy experts’, insulation fitters and engineers. And it is keen to sign up high-calibre former military personnel and harness their self-discipline, motivation, technical know-how and great people skills.

Managing director Phil Bentley is backing the campaign. He said: "Our ex-servicemen and women are great British heroes, and we are proud to have them join our ranks.

"Many of the skills they gain in the forces are perfectly suited to the roles we’re recruiting for."

British Gas has doubled the number of apprenticeships this year and is looking for hundreds of more specialists to join its operations.

Military veterans who have already signed up include former chief petty officer Neil Beresford. As a radar plotter serving aboard Royal Navy frigates he trained to track enemy ships and aircraft in high-tech battles with no margin for error.

After 22 years’ service Beresford wanted a more settled home life and joined British Gas as a service and repair engineer. He said: "It’s a big organisation but I quickly felt at home. I love being an expert in something people value so much. And living so close to crew mates aboard ship gives you great people skills when it comes to understanding customers."

Another is former lance corporal, Danielle McLoughlin, who joined the army at 16 and operated radio systems on Challenger 2 tanks in Germany. Back in Britain she wanted a secure job, so joined British Gas and is another one of our boiler engineers.

"I get to use my technical expertise, but without being stuck in an office or having anyone looking over my shoulder," she said. "No two days are the same. I would recommend British Gas to anyone in the Army."