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COVID-19 | Employees afraid to return to workplace due to COVID-19 safety


Employees are calling on employers to ensure COVID-19 safety procedures are in place before they return to the workplace.

Remote work | Staff more willing to relocate after the pandemic

The rise in remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the increased flexibility of employees, as they are now more willing to relocate for work.

Gender pay gap | Thousands of organisations opt out of gender pay gap reporting

The number of employers publishing their gender pay gap data has fallen in its thousands since 2018 according to new analysis from the CIPD.

Remote work | Graduates conflicted over starting careers remotely

The coronavirus pandemic has given graduates an appetite for remote work, but the majority still want to return to an office-based environment according to a new report.

Abuse | Retail staff abused for implementing COVID-19 safety measures

A new study has found two thirds (64%) of shop workers are frightened to implement COVID-19 safety measures due to the threat of abuse from customers.

Coronavirus | Long COVID represents significant threat to workforce

New data from the Office for National Statistic (ONS) has found more than a million people in the UK were experiencing long COVID in February this year.

COVID-19 | Millions of UK workers never want to return to the office

More than 2.5 million UK employees say they will never feel comfortable going back into the office, according to new research.

Diversity | Institutional racism still rife in the workplace, says TUC

Institutional racism in the UK labour market traps too many black and minority ethnic workers in poverty, insecurity and low pay, says the TUC.

Pay | National Living Wage increase not enough for frontline workers

The National Living Wage has increased to £8.91 per hour from £8.72 today, but workers' unions think more still needs to be done to stop employees from being underpaid for their work.

CIPD report | Is working from home as productive as it seems?

Employers are now more likely to say that homeworking has boosted productivity than they were in June 2020 according to a new report from the CIPD, yet remote work still proves controversial to some.

HREX 2021 | HR Excellence Awards 2021 entries now open

HR magazine is excited to announce its HR Excellence Awards 2021 are now open for entries.

Working parents | Women discriminated against at work for starting families

Employers are discriminating against women who may go onto have children, according to new research by women’s charity Young Women’s Trust.