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Workers can't afford to get to work


Rising fuel costs are having a detrimental effect on financial wellbeing

Almost half of UK employees (44%) struggle to afford the fuel needed to commute to work, according to Gettasub.

Its research, which surveyed 2,000 UK workers, found that some are going to extreme lengths to save money on fuel. Almost a third (30%) would consider walking more than 10 kilometres to cut costs, while more than a fifth (22%) admitted altering the way they drive – such as coasting downhill, not using the radio and turning the engine off in traffic.

Additionally, 17% of employees had risked driving with their fuel light on to save paying for more fuel.

When asked about the lifestyle changes they had made to accommodate higher fuel costs, 19% said they had cut back on their food expenses and 20% said they work from home to save on travel costs.

As many as 10% admitted to skipping work because they can't afford to get there and 6% claim they have had to take time off because of fuel affordability. Furthermore, 6% have called their breakdown service to utilise their free fuel canister policy when their car has run out of petrol.

Ann Marie Bell, director at Gettasub, said that employers must do more to support workers struggling with high living costs.

“It’s clear that soaring fuel costs are putting huge pressures on workers, leaving those on minimum wages struggling to make ends meet," she said. "It’s vital that companies do more to help employees with the cost of living crisis, by offering advance financial support and flexible benefits to reduce these pressures.”