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Who are the UK's randiest employees?


A new study into the UK's randiest professions has revealed that factory workers are most likely to 'get it on' in the workplace; with 19% admitting they had had sexual encounters while on the job.

According to HR consultancy Reabur, just less than one in five (19%) factory employees admitted to getting frisky with a co-worker while on the job; closely followed by 16% of office workers.

The research comes as a result of a notable rise in calls for the company to resolve situations in which employees had been ‘caught in the act’ by their bosses. Reabur therefore decided to delve deeper into the world of office romance, questioning 1,434 people about their workplace intimacies in order to decipher which professions were the most amorous.

Of the 19% of factory workers that admitted to getting frisky on the job, men were the guiltiest, dominating two thirds of the ‘yes’ response.

The results of the poll also disproved popular stereotypes surrounding the sexually promiscuous habits of certain professions. For instance, when asked to rate which professions they believed were most likely to have sex on the job, just under half of those polled (48%) tipped cabin crew as the most promiscuous. Nurses came a close second with two-fifths (39%) of the vote; with factory workers only receiving 4%.

When asked to estimate how long they spend thinking about sex while at work, the results mirrored a similar trend to those that have actually had sexual encounters on the job.

Factory workers occupied the most amount of their time with randy thoughts, with 31% admitting to spending up to two hours of work time a day with sexually charged daydreams. Office workers followed closely behind with 26% admitting to the two-hour time wasting, with plumbers bringing up third place at 23%.

Georgina Read, co- managing director of Reabur, said: "The results from the poll really do prove how wrong some stereotypes can be. While the majority of those polled assumed cabin crew and nurses to be the randiest professions in the UK, the myths were majorly dispelled when they came lower on the list of who actually does enjoy sexual encounters while working.

"I’m not surprised that factory and office workers came out on top as the randiest occupations. Jobs that require a large amount of repetition tend to allow the mind to wander, quite clearly leaving it free to think of other, more exciting things. Employees must remember that not only is getting randy in the workplace likely to be a disciplinary offence, but it can also cause a great deal of friction among colleagues. You may think you’re being discreet, but these things always have a way of creeping out."

A top 10 list of the most sexually charged professions was compiled based around the question ‘Have you ever had a sexual encounter in the workplace?’ Respondents were initially asked to choose their profession from a list provided, and then a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to the all-important question. Of those that answered ‘yes’, the randy results were as follows:

1.       Factory workers – 19%

2.       Office workers– 16%

3.       Bar staff – 15%  

4.       Retail assistants – 13%

5.       Plumbers – 11%

6.       Teachers – 10%

7.       Chefs –  9%

8.       Postal workers– 9%

9.       Fire fighters – 7%

10.   Cabin crew – 6%