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The 'war on talent' is still a danger to staff retention levels, says Kelly Services HR director

UK employers are still facing dangers in retaining staff because the 'war on talent' is "still very much alive", according to HR director at recruitment firm Kelly Services, Katie Ivie.

Responding to research published today that shows two thirds (66%) of employees are seeking training outside their workplace in order to advance their careers, Ivie told HR magazine workers no longer want "old-fashioned" training methods.

"Individuals are starting to take responsibility for their own progression, which is great to see but the problem is they are becoming more valuable in the workplace and attractive to rival employers," Ivie said.

"The training budget is always the first to be hit when companies are cutting budgets but employers need too open up their mindset and get away from worn-out training models," Ivie added.

The Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) revealed only 50% of employees believe the training offered by their employer is good enough to help them upgrade their skills and progress in their careers.

It found as many as 57% of employees are seeking training in order to pursue a completely new field of work.

The research also found employers are frequently missing opportunities by not offering appropriate training tailored to their workforce.

Ivie said: "Organisations should undertake a training needs analysis looking at data around performance and employee feedback in order to create a training and development programme that satisfies both the individuals' and company's needs.

"Remembering that people learn in different ways, it's important to consider a blended learning approach and to consider adopting policies that support external training, for example, flexible working arrangements."