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Paula Watch: HR's apprentice needs to show us what she is made of


Oh, for goodness sake! Back to the same old groove Paula...you're the consummate invisible woman, and frankly you left me depressed. Where are your HR skills? Where is your people management? When are you going to buck up and show us what you've got?

Design a piece of body sculpting equipment was the brief. Cue: Paula smiling contentedly while others put themselves up for project leader.

Brainstorming session anyone? Cue: Paula saying not a bean (OK, I think I heard her say ‘possibly', very quietly...).

At the design agency to show what they want (a great looking ‘Body Rocka' by the way): Cue: Paula dissolving into the background.

Creating the point-of-sale material? Cue: Paula not in the frame. OK, what about pitching the product to the fitness shop buyers? No, sorry, she wasn't there at all. At all. Arghhhhhh!!! If it weren't for the rival team producing such an abysmal product themselves (a box, I think), would Paula really have survived?

Poor old Maj lost because he was deemed to be on the fringes, so lucky old Paula: she keeps finding herself on the winning team, and automatically lives to fight another day. Our girl Paula is certainly one lucky cat, but she's rapidly using up her lives. Sir Alan tells Paula's team they have Philip (product originator) and Lorraine (product pitcher) to thank for this task. Boy, didn't he hit the nail on the head.