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NHS staff feeling “unappreciated”


Seven in 10 NHS employees feel “unappreciated” or that they are not given “enough praise” for their work, according to a survey.

Benefits provider The Voucher Shop surveyed more than 3,300 NHS employees about benefits, recognition and motivation.

The majority (87.5%) of staff said they were not being given enough assistance by their employer to help with the rising cost of living, an increase of 4% since last year.

When it comes to long service recognition, almost a quarter (23%) said milestones were not celebrated, 26% said that service milestones were too infrequent, and a further 15% didn’t know if long service is celebrated in their Trust at all.

Communication around employee benefits in the NHS is poor, with 52% of staff saying manager communication about additional benefits was “very poor” or “poor”, an increase of 8% since 2013.

Nearly a third of NHS employees surveyed (30%) said they were actively looking for new roles within the year.

The Voucher Shop head of business development Kuljit Kaur said: “No one underestimates the extreme challenges that our NHS faces. However, in an age where austerity still governs, inexpensive recognition schemes and cost neutral benefits can be a quick and alternative way of motivating staff in the absence of pay rises.”