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National Minimum Wage for adults will increase to 5.93 per hour


The Government has accepted the Low Pay Commission's recommendations to increase the three minimum wage rates from October 2010.

The National Minimum Wage for adults will increase to £5.93 per hour.

A new apprentice rate will also be introduced at £2.50 an hour. This will be the first time apprentice pay will be covered by the minimum wage framework.

The Commission also welcomed its new remit from the Government, and confirmed it would report by the end of February 2011.

The chairman of the Low Pay Commission, David Norgrove, said: Our recommendations this year were, as ever, based on sound economic evidence and took account of the prospects for the UK economy. We are pleased that the new Government has accepted our recommendations, including on the introduction of an apprentice minimum wage. We believe the apprentice arrangements will be simple, robust and straightforward to administer and enforce.

We are also pleased that, by giving us a new remit, the Government has shown support for an independent Low Pay Commission.  More than 10 years on, the Commission’s work is still highly valued and respected.  Our commitment to an evidence-based approach aims to ensure this will continue.