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Health and safety could be embedded into education


A Private Members Bill read today aims to improve workplace health and safety by having health and safety elements embedded into Britains education system.

George Howarth, MP for Knowsley North and Sefton East, will read the Health and Safety (Education and Training) Bill today in parliament under the Ten Minute Rule. The Bill aims to drive up young people's health and safety skills to prevent accidents.

Last year in the UK 247 people were killed at work, about 274,000 were seriously injured and 2.2 million people suffered illnesses they blamed on work.

Howarth said: "It's vital we look to incorporate health and safety awareness into education before our young people begin work-based learning or start employment, and we provide adequate supervision and induction training so fewer lives are avoidably damaged."

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health supports the Bill. Its president, Ray Hurst, said: "Skimping on safety has a very negative human impact indeed. It's imperative everyone is well-equipped for the world of work, from young people on work experience to older people returning to the workplace.

"We fully support George Howarth in his efforts to embed relevant health and safety in our education system, as mandatory parts of national, vocational and professional curricula."