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Generation Y 'doesn't exist' according to French researcher


A study of French workers has suggested that there is no difference in attitudes between generations in the workplace.

Professor Jean Pralong from the Rouen Business School surveyed over 400 workers from similar backgrounds but of various ages and found that the X and Y Generations think among similar lines

The so-called Generation Y is estimated as being born between the late 1970s and mid 90s and is characterised as being cynical, self-centred and technologically savvy in the workplace, but this anecdotal theory was not verified by the study.

 "For economists, a generation is constituted of people who confront the same conditions at work," Pralong  said. "The study showed that no difference exists between 25-year-olds and 45-year-olds at work. This shows that on a scientific level, Generation Y doesn’t exist," Pralong said.

The Rouen study interviewed three groups, Masters Level students of Generation Y, salaried workers of Generation Y in their first jobs, and salaried workers from Generation X, and was published in Revue Internationale de Psychoscoiologie in 2010.