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Employee engagement policies have achieved a dramatic reduction in staff turnover for O.C. Tanner


O.C. Tanner has reduced staff turnover from 75% to 1% over the past two and a half years through a focused engagement and recognition policy, according to its HR director.

The engagement consultancy, which also increased on-time delivery of service from 35% to 98.85% and staff engagement from 20% to 99% in the same period, did so by "practising what it preaches".

Speaking at the HR magazine People Strategy Forum, Carol Ellis, European HR and operations director at the company, said: "Communication with employees is key - or no one will know there is great work to be done in a business. Employers must always involve employees in a communication process so they know their expectations and always celebrate successes."

Following a series of mergers and acquisitions, the company embarked on a raft of initiatives designed to increase employee engagement through strong communication from HR, recognising employee success, coaching sessions for all staff, rewarding success, rewarding service and clarifying individual and team goals.

This year the company achieved the Gold Standard from Investors in People in light of its engagement strategies.

Ellis added: "The top three drivers of engagement are the same world wide - trust, pride and opportunity and value. These in turn are driven by communication, alignment and recognition. Recognition only takes a little bit of investment and should always link back to company core values.

"Staff want to enjoy their job, and we believe they are only as great [at work] as they want to be."