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Communication | Keeping connected in a hybrid workforce

The past 12 months have reshaped everything we thought we knew about connection. New rules of connection emerged that we needed to learn and old rules of connection we thought were unshakeable got...

Culture | Ignore the big taboo of insecurity at your peril

Organisational culture is a beast fed by thousands of tiny interactions every day. And the most destructive interactions – things like gossip, cliques, hiding mistakes or resisting change – are often...

Reward | How can HR introduce more environmentally friendly benefits?

As the climate crisis continues, there is mounting pressure on companies to showcase a commitment to sustainability. But how can HR respond through less environmentally damaging benefits?


Interview | Aegon's Siobhan Martin on pushing through the roadblocks

Aegon HR chief Siobhan Martin’s commitment to helping others achieve all they can is driven by a desire to engage on a very human level and make the workplace a better place for everyone.

COVID-19 | Responding creatively in times of crisis

When the first lockdown was imposed, the Fennies people team knew it had to step up and implement a programme to ensure staff were on top of best practice and properly supported.


Disability | Why businesses can’t forget about disability equality, despite the COVID-19 challenges

While the COVID crisis has been testing for us all, those with disabilities have been badly hit, with many losing income or their ability to work. What can HR do to ensure they don’t get left behind?


Skills | Kickstart scheme six months on

We are now six months into the government’s Kickstart Scheme, so what has been the impact so far? And what is its future promise?

Workers' rights | What a good relationship between HR and unions looks like

The relationship between unions and the internal HR team can be tense - so how can you make sure it works in employee's best interests? David Liddle offers some tips.

Gig work | Uber drivers are now employees – but is it a victory for workers’ rights?

The Uber decision has been hailed as a win for workers’ rights, but it won’t all be positive.  


Workers' rights | Are we turning back the clock on workers’ rights in the UK?

Brexit, the pandemic, opportunistic employers and an, at best, lackadaisical government are all contributing to an erosion of employee rights which must be tackled.

Hot topic | Pay rises in an uncertain climate, part two

Employee benefits

Is it practical for HR to support a shift to a higher minimum wage for employees during a recession?

Hot topic | Pay rises in an uncertain climate, part one

Is it practical for HR to support a shift to a higher minimum wage for employees during a recession?