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Tech Q&A: Admiral Group on why it chose MHR


HR magazine's Tech Q&A series explores the latest software on the market to give HR leaders insight into new solutions that could work for them. Phil Thomas, assistant head of Payroll & Benefits at Admiral Group, gives his view on adopting MHR as a payroll provider

Why did you choose MHR?

Prior to looking at the software available we made a list of key issues we wanted resolved by our new solution. The HR and payroll solution offered by specialist provider MHR seemed to offer the best flexibility and we knew that its iTrent software had been used in other large organisations and could give us the tools to engage and empower our staff to do the jobs to the best of their abilities.

How does it work?

iTrent brings HR and payroll together and provides a platform where we can seamlessly work together to ensure that we complete all our processes in an accurate and efficient way. The Manager and Employee Self Service (MSS & ESS) functionality gives our staff the ability to focus on what they are good at, rather than spending time on arduous administration.

What are its best features?

We quickly found the quality of our personal data improved with the ease of access for the employees. We now hold 55% more personal details (mobiles and emails) than we did before. Our people managers have data at their fingertips where they didn’t before. Real time staff data is available for quick decision making and has even reduced reliance on payroll and HR.

Introducing a holiday management system has saved every HR and payroll employee a full day a month in reduced queries. The system is helping make decisions to improve accuracy and consistency of sick pay which is bringing great financial benefits.

What's been the result?

We have been able to streamline processing of holiday and sickness calculations. Alongside this, there are various data uploads and user calculations that have helped us to automate a lot of our previously manual processes. This ultimately means that our payroll team can really focus on providing an excellent service to our employees.

Who would you recommend it to?

Any business that might have a processing problem, MHR’s iTrent will be able to offer lots of solutions and services that will help you to streamline your processes to make your HR and payroll departments more efficient.

Where now?
The world of payroll is changing, we are no longer a department which manually enters data each and every day. We have all developed and grown with the system and are now seen as a talented team who offer the business far more than just a payslip. We are now focussed on providing everyone with the type of service we come to expect at Admiral.

Phil Thomas is assistant head of Payroll & Benefits at Admiral Group