Law | When will the employment tribunal backlog ease?

Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 the outstanding employment tribunal (ET) cases were already a matter of concern, standing at a worrisome 35,653 for both single and multiple...

D&I | Experience: a year as chair of Liverpool Law Society EDI Committee

Ask anyone working in a role related to diversity, equality and social inclusion what motivates them and you’ll hear any number of good reasons. Our passions, life experiences and a conviction that we...

Q&A | Employee mental health questions answered

In this Q&A with clinical psychologist Kate Daley, HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher asks how can we keep mental health at the forefront of organisations post-pandemic?

Overseas talent | What are the new immigration routes employers should be aware of?

Home Secretary Priti Patel repeatedly insisted our new post-Brexit points-based immigration system would make it easier for firms to employ the “brightest and best from around the world.”

Mental health | Case study from a suicide prevention manager

Being able to help people is the thing that gets me out of bed every morning.

Tech | HR needs to accelerate move to the cloud

In 2020, we saw HR organisations accelerate their adoption of cloud technology – they’re ahead of where they were projected to be, partly as a result of having to adapt to the pandemic.

Brexit | Can EU nationals continue frontier working post-Brexit?

As the dust from Brexit has settled, attention has turned to what this means for cross-border workers in the UK.

Skills | Shaping Skills for Jobs to support sustainable businesses and careers

The Government’s Skills for Jobs initiative is one of several positive initiatives for businesses and individuals as the country recovers from the impact of Covid and builds for the future.

Post-COVID | Flexible working: the solution isn’t new legislation it’s changing how we define it

The news agenda over the last few weeks has been busy for HR. The Queen’s speech at the opening of parliament focused on up-skilling the workforce and, just days before, the government founded its new...

Grief | Supporting employees through bereavement and grief

Unfortunately, the last 14 months have seen more people than usual facing their own grief or having to deal with the bereavement of others. What can an employer do to support employees in this...

COVID-19 | Has the wellbeing of senior staff and HR been ignored in the pandemic?

New estimates from the government's spending watchdog the Office for Budget Responsibility reveal that around 2.2 million people, or 6.5% of all workers, could be unemployed at the end of the year.

Mental health | What do you do when a member of staff says they plan to take their own life?

It is the horror workplace conversation scenario for HR professionals, managers, mental health advocates, particularly if this possibility hasn’t been fully considered. Doing the wrong thing could...