Leading by example

'Lead by example' is one of those oft-touted, but much less often enacted phrases used in management. HR, legal, and compliance professionals spend a lot of time crafting policies which set the rules...

When coronavirus concerns become whistleblowing

With the coronavirus pandemic gradually easing, many employers are now turning their attention to the challenge of bringing employees back to the office in a safe manner.

Government announces plans for a 30 day window to confess to furlough errors

?Under the announced draft ‘Corporation Tax/Income Tax – Taxation of Coronavirus Support Payments’ legislation currently being fast-tracked through parliament, employers could be given a 30-day...

Rise in whistleblower victimisation calls for review to legislation

Seventy per cent of whistleblowers in the City of London’s financial services sector have been victimised, dismissed or made to resign, according to a new report from whistleblowing charity Protect

Poor working practices revealed at Nando’s

Staff at restaurant chain Nando’s have claimed they are forced to clock out early but don’t get paid for working overtime cleaning

NDAs should not be used to silence workplace harassment

Employers should use full and fair procedures to try and resolve any workplace issues, instead of using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), according to new guidance

HR must find its backbone and stop using NDAs

NDAs are about power, they are about control, they are clauses that are used to silence victims of organisations that have done wrong

Are employers supporting men in the wake of #MeToo?

More men are speaking up in the wake of #MeToo, but are employers doing enough to support them?

Workforce online activism on the rise

Organisations see the rise of online activism as a threat to reputation and profits, but few have any guidelines in place around employee use of social media

Handling allegations of criminal behaviour in the workplace

Crime is not just something that happens outside of working hours and away from working premises

Legal lowdown: Landmark ruling on whistleblowing protection eligibility

The Supreme Court has ruled that judges are entitled to the statutory protections afforded to whistleblowers, which could have ramifications for other categories of worker such as volunteers

Calling time on NDAs in discrimination cases

NDAs were created to protect trade secrets. They should not be used to silence victims, hide harassment or protect perpetrators