Let’s use World Mental Health Day to start some great new habits

World Mental Health Day is more important than ever as we face into our first UK winter disrupted by COVID-19.

Workers trust robots more than their managers

Workers around the world are beginning to trust robots more than people to support their mental health.

A clear mind in turbulent times: profile James Glover, HRD Mind

?Most people are familiar with the work of the charity Mind and its aim to improve the mental wellbeing of the nation. From practical advice and counselling services to membership networks and...

Coronavirus boosts engagement as employers pay more attention to people’s needs

?UK employees were more engaged at work in July than they were pre-coronavirus in January this year, rising by 0.5%.

HR must be resilient in the face of a COVID-winter

?I always mourn the end of summer. As others get excited about woolly jumpers, frosty fingers wrapped around hot drinks and Hocus Pocus, I dread the horizontal rain and dark mornings Autumn offers us....

Employees believe mental health conditions impede their careers

Almost a quarter (24%) of those with a mental health condition do not believe they have the same career progression as other colleagues.

The role leaders have in promoting wellbeing and addressing micro-incivilities

There’s no two ways about it; the role of a leader is a varied one. From strategic planning, to recruitment to motivating a team, it’s a fast-paced and varied job.

Why all employers must learn how to become actively anti-racist

This week Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England released new research revealing that 6.5 million employees feel they cannot be their ‘real self’ at work and less than half (43%) think their...

HR urged to prepare for winter slump as workers flag potential burnout

Forty-three per cent of workers have reported feeling at risk of burnout this winter according to a survey from consultancy businesses Kin&Co.

Money worries impacting employees' ability to sleep

?Two thirds of UK workers have experienced stress as a result of their personal finances in 2020.

Employer guide on domestic abuse support published amid rise in cases during coronavirus lockdown

The CIPD and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have published a guide to help employers provide support to employees experiencing domestic abuse.

Under 35s face professional confidence crisis

?Under 35s are facing a confidence crisis at work after feeling isolated and afraid to speak out to colleagues.