Hot topic: pregnancy loss and paid leave

In April 2021, New Zealand joined a small number of countries offering paid leave for those who experience pregnancy loss. In the same month, The Lancet published data on the mental health impacts of...


How HR can shape the next normal?

The last year has been like no other for HR professionals – digesting and understanding new legislation, making workplaces COVID-19 safe, dealing with sensitive issues such as pay cuts – and in many...

Social care during coronavirus: a mental wellbeing case study

The social care sector faced unique pressures during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its workforce was stretched and challenged like no other.

HR in post-COVID burnout

The events of the coronavirus pandemic have left HR teams feeling in a worse position than before it first hit.

Major RSA Matthew Taylor study finds homeworking leads to sedentary lifestyles

Continued homeworking due to the ongoing pandemic has reinforced sedentary lifestyles and led to employees having significantly increased back and shoulder injuries and pain, according to a new study.

Latest HR Lunchtime Debate on the roadmap out of lockdown is now available on demand

The coronavirus pandemic has made employers rethink the flexibility they offer employees and how they can utilise it to bring people back to work.

Building the right workplace culture in healthcare

Throughout the NHS, Trust leaders are particularly concerned about the resilience and wellbeing of their staff as the pandemic has unfolded. After the first wave, 99% were either extremely or...

Employee mental health questions answered

In this Q&A with clinical psychologist Kate Daley, HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher asks how can we keep mental health at the forefront of organisations post-pandemic?

Imposter syndrome pervades the workplace

Employees are still experiencing imposter syndrome in the workplace, despite having a good company culture.

Return to the office could be bad for mental health

A quarter (24%) of UK office workers believe physically returning to the workplace may impact their mental health in a negative way.

Case study from a suicide prevention manager

Being able to help people is the thing that gets me out of bed every morning.

Female staff lie about days off for period pains

A quarter (23%) of female employees say they have had to lie to their employer in order to take time off due to PMS symptoms.