Mental wellbeing for men this COVID winter

Across the country, public sector employees have worked relentlessly to keep council services running during this torrid year of COVID-related disruption.

Employees becoming ‘emotionally remote’ during coronavirus

More than half (52%) of UK employees have said that the boundaries between their work and home life are becoming increasingly blurred due to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

New project with Wayne Rooney leads to large improvement in men’s mental health

Derby County Community Trust’s Team Talk project, which aims to tackle the stigma associated with men’s mental health, has benefited almost all those who have attended it.

There’s never been a better time for HR to team up with building management teams

With a second lockdown in the UK and the return of work from home where you can advice, it’s clear that we’re now seeing long-term change when it comes to remote and flexible working.

Second lockdown putting extra pressure onto middle management

Additional stresses and responsibilities outside of managers’ day-to-day roles has made middle management more challenging in the UK’s second lockdown.

Employers need to increase support for their employees' health

The NHS has been dealing with a backlog of patients due to the pandemic, but medical care provider RedArc said employers should be doing more to support employees who are awaiting diagnosis and health...

Employees feeling the pressure of presenteeism during pandemic

UK workers feel compelled to demonstrate availability to employers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic despite a rise in flexible working arrangements.

International business is acting against domestic abuse

The spike in calls to helplines and reports of domestic abuse during lockdown is sadly not limited to the UK. The global stats make for just as sober reading as UK ones. Abuse does not discriminate...

How remote teams are reinventing the art of 'lucky' creative conversations

Before COVID-19 transformed the way we work, commuting was consistently reported as one of the most unpleasant of life’s regular habits. Other studies showed people are happier and more productive if...

How to support employee mental health as they return back to work

As the furlough scheme draws to a close and businesses look to start bringing employees back into the workplace, organisations need to think carefully about how they will prepare for the possibility...

The effect of COVID-19 on hidden disabilities

?The Health Foundation has discovered that more than two thirds of adults in the UK report feeling worried about the effects of the pandemic upon their lives.

How to break habits to create new ways of thinking

A desire for self-improvement is a very natural human trait, particularly when it comes to wellbeing.