Supporting a brain injured employee during COVID-19

As we approach six months of COVID-19, businesses are under an intensifying spotlight to balance the pressures of surviving the economic disruption while also supporting their employees.

Lying rife in the workplace, finds new study

Nearly half of UK employees have lied at work, according to new research by Glassdoor.

How HR can support employees diagnosed with cancer

?HR must make sure it has clear sickness absence policies in place to help employees diagnosed with cancer.

Test, track and trace in the workplace

We’ve had plenty of mantras during coronavirus. First it was ‘stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.’ Then England moved to ‘stay alert, control the virus, save lives.’ The next evolution, as...

Handling conflict mediations triggered by COVID-19

The UK workforce has faced the most difficult conditions in living memory over the past four months, so it’s hardly surprising that so many employees have been traumatised by their COVID-19...

Will coronavirus prompt a flexible working backlash?

Flexible working has been having a moment in the spotlight. Enforced homeworking for many, and the need to restructure teams, rethink working hours, and ensure safe working conditions for those who...

Workers missing teamwork and friendship in pandemic

?Employees feel less connected to their leaders, teammates and friends compared to their lives before the coronavirus pandemic.

How organisations can compassionately support bereavement

When it comes to bereavement, no two experiences are the same. So how can an organisation possibly put in place a suitable framework to support all employees in the event of the death of a loved one?

National Bereavement Service launches grief support and counselling service

The National Bereavement Service (NBS) has launched a grief support and counselling service to help its staff and customers.

Your career timeline

I’ve worked in HR for a long time, but I haven’t always worked in HR. In fact, my first job was working with horses and I trained to be a riding instructor.

Inflexible work forcing fathers to take sick days for childcare

One in five fathers have faked illness at work to manage childcare duties, according to meeting provider PowWowNow.

The return to work: managing the fallout from furlough

Owing to the pandemic, an estimated 7.5 million UK jobs were put on furlough between 20 April and 10 May 2020. With that figure coming close to almost a quarter of the British population, the...