SFO vs Petrofac: lessons from a compliance perspective

On 4 October 2021, Petrofac Limited was sentenced following guilty pleas to seven counts of failing to prevent bribery. Petrofac must pay a fine of £47 million by February 2022 and a further £29.5...

People vs technology: managing technological change

One of the greatest HR challenges in the workplace over the next decade will be the relationship between people and technology. Einstein gloomily wrote at the start of the 20th-century technological...

Why HR should be as responsible for workplace tech as they are for people

HR teams need to add digital transformation to their to-do lists this year, says Civica chief people officer Julie Chell

HR needs to expand its role for coronavirus recovery, finds report

?HR teams must broaden their expertise and work directly with other functional areas of business as organisations recover from the impact of coronavirus, according to a new report from the Josh Bersin...

Dynamism is for the public sector too

?In the first of a series of four articles, discover how a highly-engaged workplace culture can transform performance in public sector organisations

SUEZ HR chief joins HR webinar panel

Tracey Leghorn, chief HR officer at SUEZ recycling and recover UK, has joined the HR lunchtime debate webinar: ‘How can businesses become more sustainable?’ The webinar will be hosted by HR magazine...


Tesco business plans put 1,816 jobs at risk

Supermarket chain Tesco intends to change in-store bakeries at larger shops, possibly making 1,816 employees redundant

Lack of diversity attributed to fewer young workers

Around one in four (26%) Generation Z workers (aged 16 to 22) think their company isn’t doing enough to attract young people, according to a report from Advanced

How physical intelligence affects change initiatives

Arming your employees with physical intelligence will help increase their readiness for change and increase the odds that your change initiatives will succeed

Three ways to alleviate stress and boost morale during a reorganisation

HR should offer clear direction, and access to the right people and technology to alleviate stress and boost morale

How AI can help managers be more aligned with employees’ needs

As AI alleviates admin-heavy tasks employees will be able to add a significant layer of additional value to the business. They will also be able to focus on tasks that are more engaging and fulfilling

Digitalisation lessons from other functions

With HR apparently lagging behind on the digitalisation journey, we asked leaders of other functions to share their experiences and advice