Staff leaving a 'constant battle' for UK firms

?Two-fifths (40%) of UK businesses said they are in a 'constant battle' with staff leaving, according to talent solutions provider Oleeo

How technology can transform HR and the workplace in 2020

Advanced's group HRD Alex Arundale outlines four key trends for HR technology in 2020

Matthew Taylor: All jobs should become 'learning jobs'

A panel at the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) Progression in Employment conference discussed the challenges facing people in low-skilled and low-paid employment

AI in hiring is putting off candidates

While many employers are turning to AI to create a more streamlined recruitment process they risk coming across as impersonal to candidates

Employees put off family life for fear of falling behind on workplace tech

Workers are concerned that they will return to work after long absences and technology will have completely changed

Five top workplace tech trends

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HR now more trusted to provide data insights

Organisational trust and appreciation for HR insights is showing signs of improvement, as research finds that executives value the data HR can bring to the business

Bridging the learning opportunities gap caused by automation

When firms automate low-skilled tasks do entry-level employees miss out on vital learning opportunities?

Why technology is critical to a better employee experience

For many employees the technology they use at home is far ahead of what they have at work. That needs to change rapidly


Labour pledges free retraining for adults

Labour has promised to widen access to adult education, as research calls for government, employers and individuals to boost reskilling

Jason Bradbury: Tech can make us more empathetic

?Speaking at the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition, Jason Bradbury outlined technology's power to boost empathy and advised HR not to worry about automation

‘Superjobs’ to replace many “static task-based jobs”

There is a growing trend for AI-augmented multidisciplinary roles, and HR should anticipate this shift now