HR must use data to talk “culture problems” not “process problems”

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McDonald's has launched the world's first voice application process, to help attract curious but time-poor candidates from all walks of life

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Researchers urge employers and governments to focus on upskilling and lifelong learning to prepare employees for technological change and automation

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Customer-centricity involves technology, data analytics, the right mindset and leadership style, and a culture shift

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Artificial intelligence (AI) liberates employees from dry technical tasks and gives them the freedom to devote themselves to what they were intended to be: human capital

Lack of upskilling opportunities risks "populist time bomb"

?UK workers are given the fewest opportunities to upskill of all nationalities, according to PwC research

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The future of work is a story we will be narrating for many more decades to come

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It’s almost a given now that data is an essential resource for HR. But do HR professionals currently have the right technology in place to deliver on its potential?

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