Women hardest hit by changes in employment

Caring responsibilities and lack of long-term savings and pensions mean women are more likely to feel the effects of economic insecurity

Tackling tech fatigue

Flexible workspaces and designated tech-free zones can help employees disconnect from technology

Social media in hiring: Ten top tips

If you think recruiting through social media means putting up the odd tweet or two then you are doomed to failure

Is the death of the interview nigh?

Employers love an unstructured interview but research shows it is one of the worst predictors of performance. So how might new tools do a better job?

Data in hiring: The recruitment revolution

Data is being used at each stage of the recruitment process, but there is still some way to go before recruiters use analytics to predict performance

Young people expect to change careers twice in lifetime

HR must find more innovative ways to retain young people, as research shows many plan to switch careers or set up their own business

Fifteen creative ways to hire – whatever your budget

Making a great hire needn’t break the bank. Here are 15 creative ways to find the right candidate whatever your budget

Employers not measuring the impact of employee benefits

Organisations could be in the dark about which perks their workforces value most

HRD's pocket guide to... biometrics

The HRD’s pocket guide series offers an explanation of areas outside day-to-day HR that business-savvy HRDs need to have a handle on

Case study: Early wage access at Camden Town Brewery

After rapid growth Camden Town Brewery wanted to help out its dedicated and hardworking workforce. Some struggled with a monthly pay day, so an app was introduced to provide early access to wages

International case study: Digitally-led HR at FIS

To give the HR function at FIS strategic voice certain processes were transformed to be data- and metrics-driven

Webinar: Getting HR automation right

Our webinar explored how far HR has managed to automate its processes, and how the function can take this to the next level