Addressing the global skills crisis

Many countries are experiencing skills shortages, but there are options for retraining through joint-agency efforts

Good workplace relationships have largest impact on job satisfaction

Good relationships with colleagues are essential to job satisfaction, according to 77% of workers

Fast-track ‘global talent visa’ to be launched

Scientists and researchers seeking a working visa will no longer need a job offer before entering the UK, according to an immigration policy update

Making the leadership leap

How can organisations make sure that leadership transitions – both within and from outside the company – are successful?

Salary floor for skilled foreign workers to be scrapped

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said the £30,000 salary floor for skilled workers from overseas is to be replaced by a points-based system following Brexit

Ensure employees are engaged with the brand

Employees do not want a brand that conveys great things about the customer experience yet ignores the employee experience

HR struggling to develop effective leaders

A third of HR leaders have reported they struggle to develop effective senior leaders, according to research from Gartner. Development of effective mid-level leaders was also deemed challenging by 45%

Half of UK workers plan to ask for a pay rise

Forty-nine per cent of UK workers intend to ask their boss for a pay rise in the next 12 months, according to research from Robert Half UK

Managing employees with career regret

In exploring the psychological processes associated with career regret, research suggests HR professionals can help turn career regret into something more constructive

Case study: Creating a tech talent pipeline at Capgemini

How the tech-focused consultancy and services firm continues to bring in the best talent against the backdrop of a growing technology skills shortage in the UK

The need for HR expertise at start-ups

What is the appeal to HRDs of joining investor-backed start-up ventures and what should they look out for?

Hiring and retaining talent CEOs' greatest concern

The biggest internal concern for CEOs in 2020 is attracting and retaining top talent, according to non-profit research group The Conference Board