A higher level of performance for non-profits

In the final of a series of four articles, Vlatka Hlupic describes how the need for a highly engaging workplace culture is important for voluntary sector organizations

Why the video game industry remains a talent magnet

Despite growing to rival both the film and music industries in terms of size, revenue and cultural impact, the general public’s impressions of the games industry remain somewhat confused.

UK HR directors predict large rise in gig working

A new report by AON, Gig Economy: Financial Security of Greater Control, found 18% of HRDs believed 75% or more of their workforce will be made up of contractors by 2025.

Hot seat: Optimising people as enablers

The vocation of HR has humanity and reason at its core. But as our profession responds to the immediate challenges of coronavirus (COVID-19), the post-EU Exit era, and future trends, we must focus on...

Tackling HR’s image problem

We have the opportunity to shift the way HR is perceived in a fundamental and permanent way

Youth organisations demand the creation of a civic army to provide jobs for young people

Government should introduce a ‘civic army’ of 75,000 young people to provide jobs and help communities as the UK economy springs back into action following COVID-19.

HR jobs are in demand

Jobs in HR are among the most in-demand roles according to search data from CV-Library

Workforce reintegration in a time of crisis

?The COVID-19 government briefing on Sunday 10 May saw employees unable to work from home, encouraged to return as of Monday 11 May.

Employees will need preventative measures to return to work

?Employers should not force workers to return to work unless they have put measures in place to reduce the risk of infection in the workplace, legal experts say

How to make virtual teams work

Remote working is not a new phenomenon. But as the coronavirus health crisis spreads rapidly across the globe, it has suddenly become the exclusive mode of working for much of the world.

Firms braced to restart in three weeks but lack safety guidance

Most UK firms are ready to restart operations within three weeks but are currently without government guidance on how to do so safely.

Workers encouraged to return to work where possible

Employees who cannot work are being encouraged to return to their workplaces as of today.