Championing the HR leader

Traditionally, the role of the HR leader was to reactively manage employees and solve any problems they had while addressing the needs of the employer. However, the role of HR teams has evolved and...

Navigating crisis as an HR leader in a high-growth company

Despite the multitude of challenges and disruptions faced by businesses and employees during the COVID-19 outbreak, some businesses, including high-growth companies and scale ups such as our own, have...

Temporary office workers in Gen Z feel most unsupported by government

?Temporary office workers over the age of 35 have felt more supported by the government during lockdown than those aged 16-25.

Organisations won't recover from impact of coronavirus until July 2021, HR managers say

?HR managers believe it will take over a year for their organisations to recover from the impact coronavirus has had on business.

Protecting the financial wellbeing of the next generation

?Many have welcomed last week’s proposal from Chancellor Rishi Sunak, outlining how the UK will approach rising unemployment levels, and encouraging businesses to provide additional traineeships,...

Government launches 'Office for Talent' to attract global academic expertise

?Government has announced it will create an “Office for Talent” to encourage scientists and researchers to come and work or study in the UK.

Why execution is strategic

?A lot of energy is put into the finessing of the strategy articulation, yet it’s the power of impactful execution that will outscore it in the end.?

Post-pandemic pay cuts on the horizon, bosses warn

?Remote culture could drive future pay-cuts for UK employees as the government’s furlough scheme runs out in October.

Employers confident in recruitment and retention due to coronavirus

Employers do not expect problems with recruiting and retaining people in the next months due to coronavirus shaking the job market

Day three of the CIPD Festival of Work

The CIPD’s Festival of Work has been a little different this year, swapping the Olympia in London for a virtual conference experience fit with exhibitors, speakers, and wellbeing facilities.

A vision of work in a post-COVID-19

Executive teams across the world are looking to the future after COVID-19 passes and how they can get to the other side while ensuring not only business continuity but also future prosperity. How...

Are you stuck on autopilot?

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and amazing how quickly the months and years can fly past without you even realising it.