Third of young women think a STEM career would be boring

A significant proportion of young women are reluctant to enter STEM careers because of gender barriers, meaning UK employers are missing out on vital talent

Becoming a parent boosts work performance

While parents feel their competence improves after having children, employers still focus on the challenges of balancing work and family life

How to strengthen succession planning

A roundtable event covered a breadth of areas to consider when succession planning

Top tips for hiring returners

?Tapping into an underused talent pool by hiring returners is a smart decision for any hiring team – particularly as a way to tackle skills shortages

EU nationals must assume 'worst-case scenario' post Super Saturday

There was little movement on Brexit this weekend but EU citizens should still work to a goal of December 2020

Political uncertainty hits wages

As the UK waits to hear if parliament will approve Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, research reveals that uncertainty has already taken its toll on salaries

Queen's Speech: Workers’ rights, pensions and immigration

Government announces commitment to the Good Work Plan, pensions dashboards framework and a new migration system, though it is unclear if any of the 26 bills will become law

Bundles of energy in HR at BP

The oil and gas giant’s group HRD has a very clear idea of how HR can help the business transform and be fit for the future. Technology, young people and reverse mentoring will all play a part

Michael Watkins: Transitioning is a core leadership skill

There are eight common transition challenges that most leaders encounter in their professional lifetime

Technology is “dehumanising” the retail sector

Researchers from the Institute for the Future of Work called for a new model of working amid concerns that managers are being replaced by technology

Women missing out on statutory sick pay

?One in 10 women (10%) don’t earn enough to qualify for statutory sick pay, according to the TUC

Why retention still matters amid digital tech

To facilitate long-term and consistent growth HR has a vital role in retaining employees who have accumulated business-specific knowledge and skills