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How rethinking comms improved recruitment at Lancashire Police

Hayley Wallis, recruitment marketing lead at Lancashire Police, explains how flexible communications has helped drive recruitment.

BAME leadership: sensitising leaders early on

One of the major problems in tackling racial diversity lies in a lack of awareness about BAME leadership among students who are future HR leaders.

Businesses have a key role to play in tackling the youth unemployment crisis

COVID-19 has exacerbated unemployment and social exclusion among young people who are facing an increasingly disrupted and challenging jobs market.

Positive News: How businesses are keeping the wheels turning

HR up and down the UK is introducing new employees to the workplace and supporting those who have continued to work both physically and in remote locations. We highlight just a few of the many...


Protection from employee competition in the new normal

As lockdown is winding down and the economy is restarting, employers should be on the lookout for unlawful employee competition activity.

Disadvantaged areas see disproportionate amount of job seekers per vacancy

Twenty unemployed people are chasing every vacancy in disadvantaged areas of the UK, up from around four people per vacancy before the coronavirus hit.

Recruitment and assessment: what will the future look like post-coronavirus?

We’ve all had to adapt in recent months. For many, much of our work has moved online and working from home has become the norm for some professions.

UK hotspot for green jobs

Demand for green jobs in the UK has risen by nearly a third (32%) in the last 12 months.

Permanent roles in UK job market down by 50%

Permanent roles in the UK job market were down by around 50% in the last week of March compared with the same week last year.

Hiring ex-offenders could help solve skills shortages

As the hospitality sector faces uncertainty over skills shortages, employers could benefit from hiring ex-offenders, according to research from

Social media in hiring: Ten top tips

If you think recruiting through social media means putting up the odd tweet or two then you are doomed to failure

Fifteen creative ways to hire – whatever your budget

Making a great hire needn’t break the bank. Here are 15 creative ways to find the right candidate whatever your budget