Why you should hire veterans and encourage reserve service

When filling vacancies for any business finding suitable candidates a can be a long, costly and frustrating process. It is also one that still leaves a lot to chance in terms of what the candidates...

Network shortages during lockdown may make some people feel more isolated

Over the last fortnight, the COVID-19 crisis has forced organisations to suddenly shift their employees from working in the office to working from home.

Case study: Launching an academy at recruitment firm VHR

When traditional talent pools weren’t really working out, VHR decided to 'grow its own' by training people with no prior industry experience

Employers not measuring the impact of employee benefits

Organisations could be in the dark about which perks their workforces value most

Leberecht: There needs to be a new Romantic movement in business

Being Romantic is the most unique advantage humans have in the age of machines, Leberecht said in his talk at Unleash

Measuring mental health intervention ROI

Talking about new attitudes to mental health may feel the right thing to do, but there needs to be hard numbers on return on investment

No single business case for flexible working

Different sectors and divisions, even within the same organisation, will require their own context-specific cases

Poor people management costing UK companies £84 billion

Poor people management is costing UK companies £84 billion a year, according to research from Investors in People and economic research consultancy TBR.

HR’s strategic input remains poorly acknowledged

More than three-quarters (76%) of HR professionals believe HR’s strategic input is poorly acknowledged, according to research from software provider Cascade HR.

Meeting the productivity challenge

Here is a conundrum: if economic growth is improving, interest rates remain at a historic low, unemployment is manageable, and inflation is unheard of, then why is UK productivity lagging?

Two-thirds of graduates regret first role

Two-thirds of graduates regret the first job they take when they start work, according to global research by CEB.

Redundancy payouts fall for first time since 2008

The total cost of redundancy payouts for UK companies has fallen for the first time since the recession, according to a report by commercial law firm EMW and HMRC.