Reward and remuneration

HR gender pay gap revealed

The gender pay gap for managers is particularly high in finance sector businesses and lowest in IT

Point scoring at work

Points-based recognition is an effective way for businesses to engage employees and encourage positive behaviours

How to bring reward and recognition into the 21st century

It’s time to change reward and recognition – and technology has the answers

Government introduces new corporate reforms

All of the UK's listed companies will be required to annually publish and justify their CEO to worker pay ratios

Average FTSE 100 CEO pay drops

There's also been a significant drop in pay ratios between the average employee and their CEO

A new bonus landscape?

While some firms have ditched bonuses completely, others are investigating how they could be used better

The BBC pay report: You are now entering an era of transparency

Publication of the BBC's pay report may be a milestone on the way to greater pay transparency generally

Work affecting mental, physical and financial health of employees

Half of UK employees say work has a negative impact on their physical, mental, and financial wellbeing

Employers freeze pay to fund National Living Wage

Employers have frozen or reduced pay to meet requirements, although some have extended the NLW to all staff

Combine three key types of appreciation for best effect

A combination of celebrating service, rewarding results, and encouraging effort is most effective

One-off perks ineffective in boosting morale

Chances to exercise or opportunities for a greater work/life balance might work better

Reward fundamentals: The same but not the same

The three fundamentals of reward are ever-evolving and merit serious attention and thought

Reward and remuneration