reports and whitepapers

How to build a wellbeing strategy

This whitepaper from Simplyhealth covers planning a strategy, what this should contain, how to implement it and more


The 10-step guide to building a compelling business case for an HR system

Technology is changing how, where and when we work.


The DNA of Financial Wellbeing

Book four – the workplace view


The People Unboxed Report

What gets you and your employees out of bed in the morning? Is it the thought of spending the day at work with people you like and appreciate?


Retirement Has Changed: How to Evolve Financial Wellbeing to Keep Pace

The fact that so many people pay into their pension at the rate set by their employer shows the influence that employers can have on their employees’ retirement planning.


The Retirement Revolution: Getting the Journey Right

Over the last decade there has been a quiet revolution in the way that we retire


How HR is enabling largescale organisations to be more agile

The pace of change is accelerating: digital disruption, changing consumer habits, automation and the war for talent are reshaping business models, and the organisation must respond


Using analytics to predict future talent loss

How to use retirement analytics to predict the future shape of the workforce