Hot topic: Pandemic interventions for employers from the UK government

In early July, Rishi Sunak announced his plan for jobs which will provide financial support to the under-25s, one of the hardest-hit demographics of the pandemic.

Increasing employment for young offenders

?On 9 July 2020, the government announced that it intends to amend the legislation concerning the disclosure of certain types of criminal records.

London could be on brink of ‘urban exodus’ due to pandemic

A quarter (26%) of Londoners have said that they want to continue working outside the capital post-lockdown, adding to ideas that the pandemic could encourage employers to rethink their hiring...

Temporary office workers in Gen Z feel most unsupported by government

?Temporary office workers over the age of 35 have felt more supported by the government during lockdown than those aged 16-25.

Second wave of coronavirus and no-deal Brexit threaten UK employment prospects

?The unemployment rate may reach 9% by the end of the year, according to thinktank EY Item Club, an increase from 3.9% in the month to May.

Coronavirus could spread work opportunities more equally throughout the country

People who move to London and the south-east for their career have better prospects and earn more money than those who stay in the areas where they grew up.

Graduate job confidence slides as labour market shrinks

Fewer graduates in 2020 are confident of working in their dream industry than they were in 2019.

What does ‘coming out’ as autistic tell us about neurodiversity? 

?It would be hard to find someone whose list of accomplishments is as impressive as Charlotte Valeur’s.

MPs criticised as job vacancies reach record low

?MPs have been accused of watching from the side-lines rather than stopping job losses by TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady.

Fostering diversity and inclusion in a remote environment

During times of geopolitical and societal unrest, when many employees are isolated and struggling to balance their personal and professional responsibilities, inclusiveness becomes even more vital to...

Points-based immigration update leaves more questions unanswered

A new fast-track Health and Care Visa will be coming to the UK as part of forthcoming plans to move to a points-based immigration system.

Availability of temporary staff reaches record high

?The availability of workers in the UK throughout June rose at the quickest rate since the depths of economic recession in January 2009 due to redundancies and workers on furlough.