Recruiters say chancellor’s plan for jobs overlooks other critical groups

Chancellor Rishi Sunak may have created a much-needed safety net for young people yet there are concerns by some working groups that he has overlooked the needs of underrepresented workers.

Struggling industries welcome jobs recovery package, though more help is needed

?Sectors struggling due to the impact of coronavirus have welcomed the Treasury’s recovery package, though some warn more intervention may be needed.

Experts warn chancellor’s Job Retention Bonus is a “drop in the ocean” when dealing with furlough

?Chancellor Rishi Sunak has outlined a three-point ‘plan for jobs’ aiming to provide support to some of the sectors and demographics most affected by the pandemic.

Furlough scheme makes pay cuts the norm

?UK employers have slashed pay rise budgets and reduced the size of their workforce as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Willis Towers Watson.

COVID-19’s impact on graduate hiring strategy

June would typically have be when graduate recruitment season gets into full swing. This season, however, finds recruiters scrambling to react to COVID-19. With students sent home early and no end in...

More women than men seek permanent roles post-pandemic

Female workers are looking for more permanent roles post-coronavirus to create more stability and protect against economic uncertainty.

Tax cuts and traineeships build Treasury’s coronavirus recovery kickstart scheme

The UK government is set to unveil a £2 billion “kickstart scheme” to help unemployed young people into work.

Making the recruitment process inclusive for deaf employees

Five million people of working age in the UK are living with hearing loss or deafness and, while there are millions of deaf people who are willing and able to work, sadly, people with hearing loss...

Employers need government support to hire young people, report reveals

?Employers need incentives if mass unemployment of young people is to be avoided, said The Institute of Student Employers (ISE).

Redundancies on the horizon as UK hospitality attempts coronavirus recovery

?The UK hospitality sector could face around 320,000 job cuts as businesses attempt to recover post-coronavirus.

Employees remain optimistic about careers despite redundancy worries

?Office workers are still optimistic about career prospects despite short-term redundancy worries, according to a new Robert Half survey.

Volunteering and employment: debunking the myths of youth employment strategy

Young people aged between 18-24 are likely to be the group who will be the most badly affected in terms of finding work in the COVID-19 pandemic-led economic crisis that we are now entering.