Our top interviews with: restaurant HRDs

We look back at some of our best interviews with HR professionals at restaurant chains

Magic HR at Merlin Entertainments

Retaining creativity and innovation at a global firm like Merlin Entertainments isn’t just fun, it’s business critical

The University of Sheffield's top-class HR

Changes in university funding and fees have rocked the higher education sector, but the University of Sheffield is moving with the times

University of Sheffield HRD on work/life balance, job design and communications

University of Sheffield HRD Andy Dodman shares his thoughts on job design, work/life balance and more

Nationwide CEO on connecting people and culture

Nationwide CEO Graham Beale on leadership, culture and being a socially responsible business

River Island HRD's innovative approach

Innovative River Island director Karen Beaven proves that HR doesn't need to have a one-size-fits-all approach

Global mobility not delivering for firms

Moving employees around the world is becoming increasingly important but doing this well remains a challenge for business

Shaking up HR at IMI

A new senior leadership team has shaken things up at IMI, but a three-pronged HR strategy has helped its HRD leverage change for success.

HR's role in keeping 2012's legacy alive

London Legacy Development Corporation’s HR director Sally Hopper shares the story of her organisation’s unique challenges as it strives to turn Olympic promises into reality

HR reaching for the stars at Amec Foster Wheeler

Why the company's technical feats all come down to having the right people

Talent, change and innovation at Warburtons

In the ultra-competitive bread market innovation rules. But creative products and processes are impossible without the right talent

Clare Grainger appointed Morrisons group HR director

Clare Grainger has been appointed group HR director of supermarket chain Morrisons