Firms failing to protect staff from pension scams

Cost, employee engagement, and expertise are holding employers back from providing financial guidance for employees, despite awareness of its importance

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Employees struggle to meet living costs

Research from Thomsons Online Benefits finds that employers are not providing enough support to employees with financial issues

Savers believe minimum pension contribution is ‘recommended amount’

80% aren’t confident they’re saving enough for retirement, according to new research

23 million will work beyond the age of 65

Three-quarters (75%) of UK employees will have to work beyond state pension age, according to research from Canada Life

Workplace pensions savings fall to all-time low

The average amount being put into a workplace pension has fallen to an all-time low, despite an increase in the number of people saving for retirement

Young workers want digital pension information

?Organisations are failing to provide accessible ways for employees to find information about their pensions, PwC has found

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