Use of master trusts doubled since 2015

Defined contribution pensions have become firmly enshrined as the norm for employees

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Master trusts are gaining in popularity at a rapid rate, so what are they and how can employers select the right one?

Lords know she's tried

Political campaigner Ros Altmann uses her peerage to bring pensions and women’s issues to the forefront

Reports suggest raising state pension age

The increases recommended would affect around 5.8 million people if brought into effect

British workers unaware of state pension age increases

Large groups of varying ages didn't know about the rises to state pension age between 2018 and 2028

Deliveroo chief: Directly employed staff would restrict flexibility

Gig economy bosses defended their business models at a Work and Pensions Select Committee inquiry

Employees want to know where pensions are invested

Despite a lack of knowledge about pensions there is still an appetite to know where funds are being saved, finds Big Society Capital

Salary sacrifice changes: The serious silver lining

While some may be mourning the loss of iPads, the changes could focus them on longer-term gains

Supreme Court allows cohabitee to receive survivor’s pension

A recent court decision could have significant implications for other UK public service pension schemes

Increase number of older workers by 12%, employers told

The employment rate for people aged 50 to 69 in the UK is currently 59%

Employees losing track of pensions

A survey of over a thousand adults highlights a lack of knowledge among employees regarding their own pension pots

How can we rise to the eldercare challenge?

An eldercare crisis could be the future if employers and government don't act now