Workplace pensions: Your chance to influence the future

Pension Quality Mark has launched a wide-ranging consultation around workplace pensions and it needs your views


33% have little to no pensions knowledge

However, more than half (54%) say a pension is the most important workplace benefit

Young people may opt out of auto-enrolment

Nearly half (48%) said they may opt out once the planned increases come into effect

Conservative manifesto pledges national training scheme

What does the Conservatives' 2017 manifesto mean for HR?

Election manifestos latest: Conservatives to take tough line on immigration

Conservative manifesto to include uncompromising immigration message, while Lib Dems promise second EU referendum

Labour party manifesto focuses on employment rights

Jeremy Corbyn has said his policies would help to create “a fairer Britain”

Tories pledge workers' rights

The Conservative manifesto will pledge to keep EU workers' rights and put worker representation on boards

More people than ever expecting to work past 65

Low returns on savings, insufficient pensions and enjoying a job were all reasons given

LISA expected to cause confusion

The Lifetime ISA (LISA) is designed to allow people to save for their first home, or for retirement

Hot Topic: State pension age rises, part two

The state pension age should rise to 68 by 2039, according to recommendations in the Cridland report

Older low and medium earners struggle to save

A rise in employment for older people has not increased wages

Most employers intend to offer LISAs and WISAs

LISAs and WISAs look set to become an integral part of workplace savings, but have faced criticism from some